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BetaCuts worked with Toronto based design firm Solid Design & Build to create and install a series of wall murals and LED cabinet graphics for the new Oliver & Bonacini Group’s, The Guild Restaurant. Artwork by Jahn ...

custom home numbers
Colour change on a Cervelo bike, from red to pink.

We provide many services, but some of those services are unique indeed. 3M Paint protection film for your prized road or mountain bike. We can protect your bike in key areas where wear and abrasion are likely to occur. That sounds ...

Flexfit hats for Pintail Coffee Roasters of Calgary

We use a range of brands from Flexfit to American Apparel, Next Level, Gildan, Bella + Canvas, and Anvil. From small to large orders, we can cater to your needs.  Prototypes to production runs.


What appears to be a very simple job, actually required a lot of concentration and steady handwork to lay down some clean straight pinlines for this beautiful track ready Nissan GTR.

Mudd Monkey Renovations
Photo Credit: Wong's Bokegraphy

A local car enthusiast had recently purchased a hot hot HOT Lotus Elise and approached BetaCuts to do some touch-up on the striping before they had the entire car treated with paint protection film. Upon further inspection, the choice ...

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BetaCuts was quite happy to work with App Colony on their interior office design project. - Way signage using non-slip floor tiles - Wall decals - Star Wars inspired washroom decals - Sliding door decals

Photo: Courtesy of Lexus of Calgary

BetaCuts has done a great amount of service for local car shop Lexus of Calgary.  They’ve been nothing but wonderful to deal with in the years that we’ve worked with them.  Every thing from interior and exterior signage, ...