Regular Vinyl options – $

* Many of these colors are available in matte finish

Specialty Vinyl options – $$

BetaCuts can also use a variety of wrap, metallic, chrome, translucent, perforated, low-tack, permanent-tack, and static cling vinyls suited to your needs.

We use a trusted variety of 2.0 mil Cast & 2.5 mil/3.0 mil Calendered films from:

3M Vinyl Film       Avery Denison  Oracal Vinyl Film        RitRAMA Vinyl Film      MacTac     General Formulations

Window Film – Privacy, Security, UV

UV Film

BetaCuts offers installation services of Window Films, for your Privacy, Security and energy efficiency (UV) in the Calgary area.

Keep prying eyes out, control the threat of crime and save on your heating bill through the use of window films in your home and business.

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Automotive Paint Protection Film

Types of PPF
We offer paint protection services for your car, truck, suv, boat and many other applications.  Installations are done with leading brand films, pre-cut from templates designed specifically for your vehicle.

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