Frequently Asked QuestionsWe want to be the best alternative sign shop in Calgary. Going out of our way to answer all of your questions, providing exceptional service.  At BetaCuts we like to keep our customers informed. It is important that we can communicate the answers to your questions in a way that makes sense to you, the consumer. The sign industry has plenty of technical jargon – in which we stay informed on your behalf and are willing to answer any and all questions related to your vinyl installation techniques, vinyl film types, and film brands.

How do you determine my quote?

A quote is based on a number of factors. Firstly, size and quantity, with the material choice being secondary since some vinyl’s are higher cost than others. Read about CAST versus CAL materials. Next, if your design requires any re-work (not a vector) or is being made from scratch (custom) this is somewhat worked into the price of your order.

What are the difference between die-cuts/decals and regular stickers?

Die cut – Any material which is contour cut to a specific shape, whether it be letters, shapes, contours of an image, etc. Decal / Sticker – You could call them the same thing, geographically you may even find people use different terms. These can be both contour die cut from a pre-existing coloured vinyl or digital ink can be printed and then contour cut to shape. Is a vehicle wrap one big sticker? Is it a decal? Well… it depends who you’re asking. 🙂

How many colours can I use for my decal?

The maximum amount of colours per designs is typically 1. This is due to each sticker being individually cut out of the vinyl. Is it possible to use more than one colour of vinyl, although only recommended for larger decals or important decals where colours are a must. Multiple colours in one design means more labour, resulting in a higher cost to produce. Alternatively, we can digitally print your design to vinyl and then contour-cut it to any shape you like.  If you need many colours, or very specific colour matches, digital printing is often the way to go, as a plotter can print CMYK and cover a larger spectrum than just using pre-coloured films. It should be noted that a printed vinyl will not last quite as long and “ink dots” can be visible from close range.

What is your minimum quantity?

BetaCuts reserves the right to carry a minimum order charge of $30. More times than not we will still run smaller jobs if the artwork is supplied and there is minimal set-up time involved. Digital print jobs require a $50 minimum. This is due to material use and production requirements. If you think your project may fall under the scope of these numbers, please contact us regardless, as we’re likely able to make it work. Placing this here is merely a disclaimer 🙂

What colours are available?

Available colours on hand are listed on the Vinyl Film Selection page. We use many brands and qualities of materials, particular to fit the needs of each client. Custom colours can be digitally printed on a large format printer.

How large can my decal be?

BetaCuts can make decals from small to big, as vinyl comes on rolls of varying sizes, but can also be installed in pieces to achieve a large graphic. Keep in mind, the larger your decal, the higher the cost. 48″ is the most commonly used cut-vinyl size, and digital print can be as large as 52″ before tiling is needed.

What files types are needed to have my design made into a sticker?

They should be in vector format, for the best possible outcome. These are typically in .AI, .EPS, .CDR and other vector formats. If your design is a font, all that we need is the font file. If all you have is a .jpg or .GIF, we will have to re-create the graphic into a vector. This can have extra costs, but most of the time is fairly simple on our end and pricing is tied into the job. If you are having a full-colour printed sticker made, a vector is not necessary but a high resolution will give optimum results.

I'd like a shirt made with my design, what are the limitations?

For smaller quantities heat pressing is utilized. Any design that can be cut on a regular vinyl cutter/plotter, can be pressed to a garment.  This means opaque materials such as solid colours, fluorescents, metallic, flock (fuzzy), etc.  Larger volumes will be silkscreened by a 3rd party partner. Please contact for further details.

What is the best way to remove a sticker/decal?

Depending on the surface, the age of sticker, type of product used, there are various options.  Your best bet is to first try by hand to see if the sticker will peel on its own.  If not, a bit of heat can help (think heat gun or hair dryer).  You don’t want to use too much heat, as the vinyl will tear into tiny pieces, just enough heat to release the glue. If you are working on glass, you can use a straight edge razor with a bit of water for lubrication.  Please ensure the blade is clean and smooth. Any knicks, could in fact mark your glass.  You can also get plastic razor blades for surfaces which are less more prone to scratching. There are a handful of solvent solutions available for the removal of vinyl and the adhesives left behind.  Our personal favorite is “Rapid Remover” to remove adhesive left after the vinyl is removed.  If you have any questions, please let us know –

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept payment via Interac E-mail money transfer (EMT), Pay Pal, and major credit cards. Cash is king, so if you’re picking up from our location, it’s best.

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How long will my order take?

BetaCuts is a boutique company which deals with a varying workload. The quantity and complexity of your order will determine the timeline. eg. 500 die-cut decals could take up to ~2 weeks. A small order of 1-2, boat numbers, etc, can often be done within 48 hours. Digital print jobs roughly require a 4-5 business day turnaround. If time is of the essence, please inquire prior to placing your order.

Do you charge a travel fee?

BetaCuts reserves the right to charge a discretionary travel fee for your quotation and/or installation.  These fees help cover the time required to travel, as well as fuel costs. Please note, if you are generally nearby, or on the way to/from a job, we typically waive the fee.

We are currently using 3 zones for the Calgary area. Please see the map below for further details

Zone 1: $8.00
Zone 2: $14.00
Zone 3: $20.00
travel map

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