BetaCuts worked with Toronto based design firm Solid Design & Build to create and install a series of wall murals and LED cabinet graphics for the new Oliver & Bonacini Group’s, The Guild Restaurant.
Artwork by Jahn Page – hand drawn skulls produced on tablet.

The Guild - Calgary, AB

Located in a portion of the old Bay building on Stephen Avenue, much of the original roots and feel of the old building were kept.  Even if you’re not a carnivore in dining, the space must be seen.
If you are, you’re in for a treat.
A main restaurant upstairs and a fairly secret lounge, “Sub Rosa,” can be found downstairs.

At times BetaCuts will connect with other local businesses to tackled larger projects and utilize the strengths of these businesses.  BetaCuts (Brennan) worked with Brennan over at Greenwave Creative Industries on this project.

The main project was comprised of a 850 square foot wall mural in the lower level of The Guild, a.k.a. SubRosa. A large multi-use dining hall and lounge area used for special events. This mural was then covered with a screen/framework to create the desired effect by the designer.

Half way through the installation


Further, way-signage and other printed wall paper was applied through out the lower level.

As you make your way upstairs, beautiful rose wallpaper inlays direct you towards the cabinet style LED back-lit sepia toned photos.  Old hunting lodge photos from Northern Ontario, which truly hit home, as they are family members of Michael Bonicini, one of the restaurant group owners and Masterchef Canada judges. A very cool touch to a vintage building.


Backlit LED cabinet


All in all, this project was a great experience working on a larger venue than usual. Working with another company to produce and install such a large design was no easy task and took multiple days and many man-hours.  Working around the schedules of other trades and tight deadlines also proved to test our abilities and made the finished product that much more worth the sweat and “tears.”

– Beta

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