RC Truck

With the switch from an old website to this new one, some of my old photos have no home. Here they are.

Plad fish longboard

This board has been a lengthy project.  I originally made it a few plys of baltic birch less than normal with the intention of using fiberglass to make it more rigid.  This is my first time working with composites for longboard ...

Compston Longboards equipped rally cross

I did up some quick decals for Spence over at Compston Longboards. He is a local longboard builder, but also an avid rally enthusiast.  Here he is racing Rallycross in his Corolla.

ECO Dentworks, Calgary

We provide vinyl sign design and installation on exterior back-lit and front-lit signs. Although we do not make light boxes in house, we can connect you with businesses which do so. Contact us to design and create your next vinyl ...

mini longboard 01

Built this quite a while back, but still riding it. Baltic Birch. About 1/8″ of concave, and a small amount of camber. I added a kicktail out of solid pieces and sanded it all smooth. Added a ghetto-rigged skid-plate as the tail ...