Vehicle decals

Go check them out in Canmore, Alberta. I managed to convince the owner to install this a little unorthodox on an angle.  It turned out pretty solid. Vehicle decals in all shapes in sizes for the local Calgary area.

RC Truck

With the switch from an old website to this new one, some of my old photos have no home. Here they are.

An extremely cool project, which combines a surfboard design with a snowboard. Tested in both conditions. Every Third Thursday | TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine.

Occasionally I like to post non decal/sign related things. Here’s one that I’m sure anyone can enjoy. A place I’d rather be 100% of the time, Hawaii. This was shot at the mouth of the Waimea river in Hawaii.

Red Nik surf shop

Big respect to Jacob at for putting this together

surfboard shaping

A side-hobby surfing, has brought me towards trying to make my own board.  Here is a rough shape for a board I’d like to use for river surfing.