BetaCuts has done a great amount of service for local car shop Lexus of Calgary.  They’ve been nothing but wonderful to deal with in the years that we’ve worked with them.  Every thing from interior and exterior signage, vehicle decals, and also sandwich boards for an event.

Their latest vision was to dress up a car for a sponsorship to a celebrity of the Cross Country Ski World.  Meet Ivan Babikov, three time Olympian and all around cool guy.  He wanted something “rally car” inspired and we gave it to him.   Having helped out many folks in the auto scene around Alberta and two rally teams in recent years, we had a vision and idea of what could make this Lexus Hybrid look killer.

With a combination of die-cut decals and wrap film, we decided to do a roof wrap, bumper “black out”, hood and side graphics made via custom placement of knifeless tape, die-cut text, a windshield visor brow for the ultimate rally look, along with all of Ivan’s sponsors on the rear glass.

Behold the finished job.

Photo: Courtesy of Lexus of Calgary  Photo: Courtesy of Lexus of Calgary

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