This board has been a lengthy project.  I originally made it a few plys of baltic birch less than normal with the intention of using fiberglass to make it more rigid.  This is my first time working with composites for longboard building, so each step had a learning curve and in the end I’ve learned quite a lot, as well as have a great looking & riding board.

I originally made the board using a foam mold which I made for concave and by using a vacuum bagging system.  Again it was my first time using this process, so I went through some painful steps of things not going quite how I wanted.  You can read more about the initial build on my thread at silverfishlongboarding.

My original plan was to do fiberglass lamination with the vacuum bag.  I ended up doing 2 layers in the vacuum bag and another 2 by hand.  I then applied some fabric and wetted it out, just as you would with fiberglass.  A hot coat after sanding to fill in the gaps and then a bunch of wet sanding and clear.

The board itself rides better than any board I’ve made.  I’m quite happy.  The bottom of the deck does have its imperfections due to the original vacuum bagged resin piling up in areas.  I sanded them down as much as possible without ruining the cloth.

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2011-09-12 11:12:58 Reply

Nice looking build and love the patterned design. Love to see the Roarockit method being used to build interesting boards.
Ted from Roarockit

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