It is time to showcase a couple projects which are very satisfying to the eye.  Knowing that I’ve helped enthusiasts from all realms make their own mark, means a lot.

Every so often BetaCuts is approached to step up and do work from scratch, with multiple iterations of a design until just the right fitment is made.

The first project was for a rear wheel on a Track bike.  I provided a “paint mask” cut-out to the client and he was able to make an effective stencil on his rear closed track wheel.  I think the off-centre look will make it look pretty cool as the wheel spins.

campy track bike

Campagnolo track wheel sticker

Campagnolo sticker

Photo courtesy of the bike owner.

The next project was for a Vespa 150 lxv.  More of a commemorative approach to the birth date of the daughter of said owner.  A custom fit was required and some measuring and test-cuts were made.  Thanks to calipers, precise measurements were capable.
If you would like to purchase one of these Vespa kits, please contact us.

Vespa Racing stripes and numbers decal kit

I ensured to get a close-up, in order to show off the sexy aftermarket exhaust.

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