Finally, we get to see the car in action.  The following photos were taken as part of the 2011 Rocky Mountain Rally held just outside of Calgary in the Kananaskis area.

The race featured competitors from all over Canada, as well as a Regional aspect for the Western Series.

For much of the race, BetaCuts driver, J.C. Bourgeois was in 4th place Nationally and 1st Regionally until an unfortunate “off” had him in the ditch and stuck, unable to get out.

Much time was lost and it eventually put J.C. to the very back of the pack.  A bit of an upset, but I am sure much was learned, as the team was also getting the feel under the new calls of co-driver, Matt Vincent.

The feedback from J.C.  is extremely positive, so we wish him the best of luck in the races to come this season.

Here is a small sample of the new livery and the car in action.  Kudos to the great photographers!

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