BetaCuts is happy to announce a new partnership with Cronus Rally Racing Team.  We have always had great interest in supporting the rally community, helping passionate people do the things they like to do.
A brand new livery has been installed to their Cronus Rally Mitsubishi Evo 9 car.  The team is headed by Driver and vehicle owner, Wim Van der Poel of Okotoks, Alberta.

Something new, that we’d like to try is an interview format.  Here it goes!

Where are you from and how long have you been into rallying as a driver?

Originally from Holland, now live in Okotoks. Rallying for 3 years.

Can you tell us a bit about the Mitsubishi Evo 9 that you drive?  Where did it come from and who works on the car with you?
Any details on the mechanics ? (provide a running parts list if you like)  

The Evo 9 was built in 2007 out of brand new Evo by Andrew Comry Picard. He raced the car for several years, with a lot of success, and some mishaps (X Games). Car is a very professional build and still too much car for me.

Potential is enormous… 2.3 ltr stroker engine.

What it it about the Mitsubishi Evo that you enjoy?  It seems your competition is fairly loaded on the Subaru platform.

Personally, I prefer the Evo above the Subaru because it fits my driving style better. I am not that aggressive, much more calculated and going my own pace. To be honest, personal Subaru experience is very limited, so it could be that the Subaru is a better fit. My reason for choosing the Evo 9, is that we have raced an Evo 8 for the past 2 seasons very successfully.

Reliabilty of maintenance versus maneuverability, choose one:

I’d say reliability (at least the EVO 8 was). With the Evo 8 we did 15 events without any unfinished races (DNF’s), only 1 flat tire, one clutch replaced… and that’s it.

Photo by: Dave Wilson

Photo by: Dave Wilson

Who is your co-driver. When did you start driving together?

Bryan Lord has been my co-driver for the past 3 season in a row. We started both approximately at the same moment, and we had the opportunity to grow into this sport together. With Bryan’s organizational skills, he is a perfect match for me.

Where do you typically compete in rally events? What is your favorite event thus far?

We mostly compete in Western Canada and the North West of the USA. My favorite rally thus far is the Rocky Mountain Rally in Invermere.

Even after long hours in the garage, the cold temperatures, the breakdowns, etc. What aspect of rallying keeps you coming back for more?

The team we have. Bryan Lord, Ralph Dean, Ryan Michiels and Wade Doucette. We’ve all developed a very intensive bond together over the past few years. We are all looking for that special thrill that is found in the rally community.

What is your “Track Record?”  Any wins under your belt?

Last year, because of our very consistent driving, we won the Western Canadian Rally Championship overall and PGT class.

What do you feel is your best rally accomplishment.?  A big win? Team work? Overcoming obstacles in your way?

No discussion: team work…. a few minutes before a start, the car won’t start, and then you see that all members of the team knowing exactly what to do without any panic…. one of the best components of Cronus Rally

What aspect from rally do you feel that you can bring into your every day life which makes you a better person to be around?

Staying calm, even when everything goes wrong… a lot of stress, being tired, adrenaline pumping through your arteries and still staying calm…

So let’s chat a bit about the new livery.  You’ve teamed up with BetaCuts, the one man show to have a design on paper become a reality.  Who designed the livery and what do the orange and blue colours mean?

The design of the livery was created on our drive to Big White in December last year… when you sit 8 hours in the car driving to an event, a lot of creativity can show up. Our Creative Director (Ryan Michiels) approved our design and that’s how it ended onto the car.

I always wanted to have a car in orange (Dutch background) but we wanted to break it up with the blue. It’s the same colour combination that KTM used for years on their bikes… we just love the color combination on the white background.

What are your rally plans for 2014?, how many events do you plan to enter? What is the overall goal of team Cronus Rally?

This year, we will mostly concentrate on the events in Western Canada. Probably this year, will be testing and getting used to the new for us EVO 9 and see if we can compete with the top teams out of our competition.

Last of all, anyone that you’d like to thank?

I want to thank all the people that make this all possible, my family, team members, competitors and of course, the sponsors.

Photo by: Dave Wilson

Photo by: Dave Wilson

Photo set of the wrap in digital proof, wrap in progress and finished job

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