wall vinyl project - 04

A customer, Leslie,  recently approached BetaCuts to use paint mask vinyl film, to aid in the painting of a wall mural in her child’s bedroom.  Quite the art and craft project, we’re happy to show you the results of her labour.

1. The first step was to work with a base colour which was satisfactory to being the under-base.  Wall vinyl (low-tack) was applied in a layout that was pleasing to what Leslie had in mind.

wall vinyl project - 01

2.  Next she put down three coats of paint, covering the vinyl in full, allowing the paint to fully dry.  It is recommended that you test this process first on scrap material as paint can have a varying ability to allow for a clean line to be peeled.

wall vinyl project - 02

3.  Next is the reveal of the un-painted portions.  The edges of the paint mask were gently lifted with a blade.  Since the vinyl is a low-tack adhesive, it’s quite easy to peel off thewall without damaging the base paint.wall vinyl project - 03

Voila! A great result after applying some “planes, trains and automobiles” wall stickers in each bubble.  Kudos to Leslie on her cool mural project.

wall vinyl project - 04


If you are interested in doing a similar project, please contact us.



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