A customer who does metal and plastic restoration on classic cars found me and had me do some work on these door sill plates.
These pieces are a part of the door-jam from a Chrysler Imperial.  60’s era I believe.

These plates were re-chromed, but originally would be blacked out so that the embossed writing is only evident.  To paint this by hand had many issues, so he thought a vinyl wrap might work, since down the road, they could be easily re-produced.

Creating these vinyl wraps from scratch had some of its own issues, but I was able to sort them out for a solid finished product.
This was going to be a time intensive job that was completely custom.


1. Scan plate into computer to 100% scale.
2. Trace outlines around lettering and crown so that the vinyl cutter knew what to cut.
3.  Multiple test cuts/installations/cleaning of lines for better fitment
4. Install and heat wrap for clean adhesion.


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