I was approached to create and install a full decal kit to the fenders, front fairing, gas tank, rear cowl and side covers of a 1979 Ducati.  This bike is a delicacy in the motorcycle world.  The ideal bike of the “cafe” style.

Parts were provided to me as painted/wet sanded pieces.  I had no more than photos and the physical pieces to determine the dimensions of each graphic.  In most cases, the graphics were digitally designed from scratch. After multiple iterations and test fittings, I was happy with a kit that could be cut with cast gold vinyl and installed.  The installation itself was quite time consuming, as any imperfections or air pockets would show up once everything was clear coated by the painter.

It is quite amazing how “ugly” working on a wet sanded surface can be.  A dull, grey-like colour.  Once the clear coat hits the parts it’s a new world.  Rich black and gold.  I’ll let you decide for yourself, how this ’79 classic turned out.

Note:  If you came across this post because you are looking for a decal kit for your Ducati, please contact me direct and I’ll set you up as best as I can.

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